About this site….
The inspiration for this site came to be, the exact moment that as a sex worker (knowing all the risks the profession involves) when went to post an ad on Backpage, the site was gone. As was the case with many others, had ad credits but the credits were gone,  the money gone. Backpage was gone. The owners arrested.
Felt like  that had nowhere to go. Backpage was the main source of income as was the case with many thousands perhaps even millions of sex workers.
Witnessed how the Backpage take down (and other sites like it being shuttered) affected this community worldwide.
Understood the need for a website that not only provided a place for erotic service providers to place ads, but would be worker centered and more…
When backpage went down and the owners were arrested, it was clear that they had profited off of our worldwide community to the tune of BILLIONS yet to my knowledge they never EVER gave us a dime in return to help challenge the laws which harm us (and as it turned out Backpage as well).
Instead of helping the workers, the owners instead affiliated with law enforcement agencies and anti trafficking NGO’s, catering only to the narrative of combating “human trafficking” but nothing for the majority community, being the sex workers who choose to provide erotic services.
As a victim of the nonprofit ‘rescue industry’ having been promised non existent ‘services’ while in desperate circumstances. As a victim of criminalization, having been arrested and during my arrest I experienced police violence. Knowing first hand the stigma. Knowing  first hand the moralizing and everything that all sex workers have had to face.
Now  much wanted to dedicate to help others who know what I am talking about.
This website is hosted overseas to protect sex workers.
This website will give a third of its revenue to help sex workers in the fight for our rights.
This website features a forum for sex workers only.
In order to succeed, we need your support and participation.
We are offering a first ad for free, for a month, using the coupon code adposthub 001.
In order to post an ad and access this site you will need to create a profile. No ID needed. Create your ad and use the code provided. When you upload photos, no explicit content is allowed. Please share the site and the free month ad code with other providers.
The more profiles and ads, the greater the chances that this sex worker centered listing site (which will give a third of its profits to the fight for sex worker rights) will have a chance of success.
Hoping for you to succeed, to be safe, and that one day we will all stand together rejoicing our hard won emancipation!